Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Quick Project

Heather needed some canisters for her new kitchen.

A friend had four empty coffee cans she didn't want.
After cleaning them out, I used a few sheets of 12"x12" scrapbook paper to cover the sides. Each can took two sheets ~ the cans are 6 5/8" tall and 19" around. Double-stick tape holds the paper in place.White cardstock labels printed on the computer: 60 pt font; Harrington Bold.


Carol Noren Johnson said...

Love that Harrington Bold! What? No coupon deals to fill it up, or is Heather the coupon queen in the family?

Marj said...

I have to say that labeling one Chocolate Chips would be dangerous in my family...much better to label it something like...All Bran, or Wheat! Ha!

Mara @ Super Savings said...

Very cute! =) I have some formula cans set aside to make into something cute like this for the kids crayons, markers, pencils....etc. I was trying to decide whether to mix different papers or have them match - and I think I like how yours are different but complimentary! Excited now to give it a try! =)

Mara @ Super Savings

Adie said...

Mara, I like the mis-matched look too. My daughter pulled assorted sheets of scrapbook paper out of one of those paper stacks where everything is coordinated. We tried various combos until we found one we liked. She was busy packing, so I created.