Thursday, May 24, 2007

Spring Thrifting

Recently, I found a number of old patterns at garage sales and my favorite thrift :
The pattern on the left is dated 1942; the other two have no dates. My guess is the middle pattern is from the mid-50's and the right hand pattern is from the early 60's. I might make the blouse from the 1942 pattern.
Next up are two 1960's patterns. I remember having patterns similar to both of these. I made a green culotte dress in high school, maybe even with this pattern. I will probably list both of these on ebay.
Patterns form the 1970's. The top left pattern was extremely popular in its time, and now a similar dress is back in style. I think I also had the jumper pattern on the left.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

What A Find!

My garage sale day wasn't going well. I drove and drove and saw very few signs. When I stopped, every sale seemed to be the same: a small collection of junk. It hardly seemed worth my time or gas to be out driving. I was discouraged and ready to go home. But I saw one more sign and I decided I might as well stop. My view from the street wasn't promising ~ I had seen too much of this today ~ a few scattered tables dribbled with a few trinkets. But once up the driveway I found this beauty. A Scandinavian handpainted tole tray. For one dollar. One dollar! My in-laws have had a similar tray hanging in their dining room for many years. I love the folk designs on theirs; now I have my own.

Friday, May 11, 2007

For My Doll Chair Collection

This tiny rocking chair came from the thrift a few weeks ago. It was completely buried in faded and crumbling dried flowers, which were glued to the seat, sprouting from the arms and back, and generally looking very ugly. I almost missed the fact that there was a rocking chair under there. After I paid my 59 cents I stood over a trash can and pulled all those flowers off. A scrubbing and a cushion gave it new life. It's just the right size for a Madame Alexander doll.