Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Freebies

Here's what I got FREE in September, from couponing and sales, special deals, give-aways, and rejects from other people:
Tortilla chips: $2.58
2 pkg Sara Lee hot dog buns: $5
2 pkg Pepperidge Farms Milano cookies: $3.98
Milky Way bar: 89 cents
Candy corn: 99 cents
Publix coffee: $1.89
Martha White muffin mix: $1.29
2 Old El Paso taco seasoning: $2.18
Nivea body wash: $5.99
Alive! Women's vitamins: $10.99
Skintimate shave gel: $3.99
CVS 12-roll paper towels: 5.99
Rita's Italian Ice: $2.49

Total: $48.25

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Garage Sale Again

Today: a quiet day of rest after a very tiring week of preparing for a garage sale all week, and holding the sale on Friday and Saturday. We sold lots and lots and lots of little stuff, but very little in the way of pricier items such as furniture. We actually sold none of our furniture. That was disappointing, but I was pleased with my final income.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Getting Things Done, Part II

After reading the book I mentioned below, and writing down every project and To-Do I could think of, I have really gone wild with Getting Things Done around here. So many of the little nagging projects are done now and it feels terrific. Just a few minutes ago I wrote two notes that have been hanging over me for months. They are now stamped and ready for the mailbox. Whew!

Saturday evening: Today we also CONQUERED one little, tiny project that was HUGE in our minds. It's been hangin' around for 2 1/2 years: get two pieces of concrete retaining wall toppers trimmed down to size. It really shouldn't have taken so long to do, but we couldn't find anyone to do it. Finally, a stone yard suggested we try buying a concrete-cutting blade for our circular saw and trim it ourselves. Surprise! It worked! And the wall was finished in about two minutes.

Without working all that hard or steadily, here's what I accomplished from my lists in the last few days:
Wrote two notes and mailed them
Finished retaining wall
Organized several files on computer
Worked on notes for classes I'm teaching
Cleaned out 7-10 file folders
Created two binders of crafts instructions
Emailed a recipe to a friend, who had requested it three months ago
Printed off a monogram for a photo album
Began making a "Legacy Box" as discussed on Dave Ramsey's website
Responded to three emails
Hemmed one pair of pants
Cleaned out a file box
Typed and printed three recipes