Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Austrian Trachten

I made a quick stop at a garage sale the other day, just to see what was there. It didn't look all that promising as I drove up, but I got out to look anyway. You never know what goodies might be hidden under tables or heaped in a box. I saw a clothing rack (yawn) full of frou-frou, and walked on by. But something caught my eye. Two looks more and I saw just the jumper part of this authentic Austrian costume. On inspection, it was perfect, but missing the blouse and apron. On closer inspection, it was my size! I asked about the blouse and apron, and the owner dug them out of big boxes. She told me that, since I knew what it was, I was supposed to have it (even though her mother didn't want her to sell it). She had worn it only once, to a wedding in Austria. Her ex-boyfriend had purchased it for her. No wonder she didn't want it anymore! It was mine for $15.
The cotton skirt has a tiny green and white floral design on the blue background; the bodice is linen. I don't love the print of the apron, but it does coordinate with the skirt. I may make a new apron someday.

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HRL said...

jealous!! that's pretty neat that you knew what it was as soon as you saw it.