Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Saver

The end of the month is fast approaching, and I have expiring coupons to use. Some of my best deals today were:
"Pom" brand fresh pomegranate, on sale for $1.29, used $1 coupon. Should have been .29 net, but the register wouldn't accept my coupon. The young cashier entered a few wrong things and got flustered. A manager helped but also didn't enter things correctly, and ended up giving it to us free. I didn't realize until we had left.
2 pr No Nonsense pantyhose, $1.87 each, used $1 coup on each, net .87 each
L'eggs pantyhose, $1, used $1 coupon, net: FREE!
I had to look carefully for these pantyhose. Most L'eggs hose are over $3 a pair. But I found "Today's Girl" on an end cap. In smaller type the package says, "by L'eggs". So I figured I could win an argument if the cashier wouldn't take the coupon. I'm wondering why L'eggs issues a coupon for $1 off, if they sell a product for $1?
I also looked at, but didn't buy, some Hanes underwear (2-pk) on clearance for $4, with my $1 off coupon, the 2 pair would be $3. I might go back and buy it.

I did my regular weekly grocery shopping here because there were many good BOGO items this week. Most of what I bought was on sale, and many of those items I had coupons for also. Thus, I was able to get free sour cream, free Chex Party Mix, tissues for .66 a box, frosting for .24, pan spray for $1 each can, canola oil for .80, 5 lb flour for .59, frozen boxed vegs for .50 a box, Ziploc containers for .50 each package, and Ritz crackers for $1.32 a box. But my best deal was on bath tissue. Scott 12 mega roll, regularly $9.59, was mine for just $4.25. ($5 minus .75 coupon.) It turns out that this particular store doesn't carry the advertised product, so the manager substituted this much larger package for it. I certainly didn't complain. I spent $68.82 but I saved $61.29.

It is so fun to take the Professor along to CVS because he walks out astonished over how little cold cash leaves my wallet. I "bought" the Schick razor and the Tylenol vial for .81 after sale prices, coupons, and ECB's, and then used my store gift card (from a previous return) to pay that .81. So, no money left my wallet and my husband loved it. Both items will show up in Christmas stockings.

I wanted to get the yeast deal that Crystal tells about on her blog, but mine came out differently. The yeast was indeed on sale for $1/strip. And I had the .45 coupon, doubled. But I was given a Catalina for .50 off any purchase, not .50 off more yeast. So it won't be doubled as far as I can tell. That means that my yeast deal ends when my coupons run out. So sad.

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