Monday, January 12, 2009

What I'm Buying This Week

Mystery Coupon item: I hear it's not-too-exciting saltines. But they are free.
Ken's salad dressings, BOGO, $1/2 coupon, net $1.10 ea
Del Monte tomatoes 14 oz, BOGO, $1/4 coupon, net 50 cents ea
Smart Balance spread, BOGO, $1/2 coupon, net 90 cents ea
pork chops $1.89 lb
Publix butter, $2
Friendship sour cream, $1.39, $1/2 coupon, net 89 cents
Publix ice cream, $3
family size frozen vegs, $1.99
Angel Soft tissue 6 roll, $3.99, $1 coupon, net $2.99
Tortilla chips
bananas (minimum of 7; Luke loves them)
I also bought Roma tomatoes at $1.49 lb

Braeburn apples. $1 lb (I bought 12 lbs!)
frozen vegs, $1
Honeysuckle ground turkey, $1 lb
Worchestershire sauce, get one free coupon
beef bouillon
Softsoap, $1, 70 cent coupon, net 30 cents
Cottonelle 4 pk, 99 cents, $1 coupon, net free
Dial soap 3-pk, $1, 70 cent coupon, net 30 cents
Suave deodorant, $1, $2/3 coupon, net 3/$1 (for charity)

Aldi: (The Professor buys these on his way home from work)
frozen green beans

Costco: (The Professor also buys these)
2-lb cheese block

mandarin oranges, 50 cents with in-ad coupon
Celestial Seasonings tea, BOGO, $1 coupon, net 75 cents. I didn't buy any because the flavors weren't interesting.
Hall's cough drops, 99 cents with in-ad coupon, 50 cent mfg coupon, net 49 cents
I hope I can use my Reece's Whips raincheck from last week. 6 candy bars free

Rite Aid:
Zip Loc containers, $1.49 with in-ad coupon, $1.50/2 coupon, net 75 cents ea
Reece's Whips deal is the same as last week's deal at Walgreen's. So I'll do it one place or the other. I got 8 of them at Rite Aid.

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