Sunday, March 14, 2010

Reporting Back on the Diana Exhibit

Last Saturday Heather and I visited the Diana exhibit at the civic center. We both really enjoyed it. It wasn't a huge exhibit, but it covered her ancestry and life with many interesting artifacts. First were the jewels and portraits of her ancestors.

Next came a room which covered her childhood. There were a few letters to her dad and a diary or two; a ceramic animal collection, some other toys, and a school uniform. I liked a small-ish wood box which all students at her boarding school had. It was called a "tuck box"; they could tuck away their personal papers and games. Just before we left this room we watched a short movie made of pieced-together home movies from her childhood.

The next room was the prize: her wedding gown and accessories, as well as a bridesmaid's gown. We were amazed by the 25 foot long train. It was spread out it's entire length.

Next came a room showing all her charities (I didn't find it all that interesting), and then many of her evening gowns and more casual outfits she wore on state activities. They were interesting too.

The final room was about her funeral. It was quite gloomy.

I really enjoyed it, but I wouldn't pay the full price of $19.50. But that's just me.


Big sis said...

I wouldn't pay that either, but fortunately, I don't have to - I got your report and it's almost like being there.

Mimi said...

I would love to see that wedding gown even though it was much to frou frou for me. I can't imagine a 25 foot train! So sad that her time on earth was short. A good reminder to make every day we do have count for something.