Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Free in November

Here is what we were able to get free this month. Listed next to each item is the retail price:
9 spools Reach dental floss: $17.31
2 flu vaccines: $60
14 cans Carnation evap milk: $16.66
6 bags Vigo rice: $7.74
8 bags Mahatma rice: $9.52
Birds Eye veggies: $2.27
8 boxes Muellers pasta: $10.32
Levolor top down/bottom up pleated shade: $985
46" Samsung LCD hi def TV: $1300
19" round glass table topper: $30
Haircut for the Professor: $18
Martha Stewart Living subscription: $59.88
2 little gold birds (Hallmark): $10
2 rolls gift wrap: $6
2 gift decorations: $4

Total: $2,536.70


Marj said...

Well, I recognize some of the grocery deals...but I'm curious about the other items! How'd you do it?

A.D. said...

I wondered when someone would ask. There are some really odd things on that list, I know. I got the non-grocery items free in various ways: I got the birds and gift wrap when Hallmark had a Q online for $10 off any purchase. Each computer was allowed two Q's. The TV was someone's rejected broken equipment that David repaired. The blind was similar: our new blind broke, they sent a replacement and told us to toss the broken one, but David took it apart and repaired it. Floss was a Wag sale and Q deal. Haircut? I give the male cuts here, which saves us $18 a pop.

Marj said...

Truly well done! Jon does a good job of reminding our kids how repairing our things is like paying ourselves. Important life lessons.