Sunday, March 6, 2011

Scruffy Frame Renewed

I bought the world's ugliest framed print at the thrift, with plans to renew the frame with paint and a new mat. The old matted print is trash now. Here's the before:I'm showing the frame in portrait mode because I plan to hang it that way, even though the original print is in landscape mode.

I'm handy with a spray can so I won't have trouble painting the frame. But cutting a new mat is a different story. I hope to convince cajole sweet-talk Art Lady Greta into cutting what I need. Update: When I bought the mat board at Dick Blick they cut the exterior to size and cut the four openings in each mat ~ for only $4. That kind of deal is worth it to me.

Here is the freshly-painted after:
And here it is in the hallway next to another frame I revived with black spray paint also:
Ultimately, I will have a third frame too, for portraits of David.

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