Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Peter Rabbit Visits

One morning last week I walked into our backyard and saw this:It used to look more like this:Overnight, it was de-nuded except for little bits of green on some tips! (It has sent out new leaf shoots since). One quick look told me that the rabbit boom in our neighborhood was out of hand. Peter, his brothers and sisters, his parents and aunts and uncles, and his first, second, and eighth cousins must visit our yard every evening. They methodically nibbled away one plant per night, until I went to war with them. From Google I discovered a nasty recipe to spray on the plants; I call it "Bunny Burn". Let's see who wins.

My four forlorn Indian hawthorn plants hope to recover someday.


joyce said...

UGH!!! Did the magic potion work? Did it involve cayenne pepper?!

big sis said...

Ohhhh, poor hawthornes. They have enough problems with this hot weather. Keep us posted on the score of rabbits vs AD