Friday, August 5, 2011

No Wreaths for Me

Sometime back I came to the realization that our front porch is a very poor place to hang a wreath. At first, it seemed like a great place, with the solid roof overhang and the recessed door.

But I soon learned that birds are drawn to our porch for some reason, and they insist on building nests where ever they possibly can. If a wreath is hanging on the front door, then that's the favorite nesting spot. No wreath? Well then, light fixtures might hold a nest (wrong!). Or wall pockets sprouting fake leaves are probably ideal (wrong!).

I have had uncountable decorations pecked to shreds by the local bird population.

I was finally resigned to the fact that I wouldn't be able to have any welcoming porch decorations without having to be at war with the birds.

Then I found my old wrought iron plate hanger I had stashed in the attic - and inspiration struck. Birds can't damage it (any bird that tried would end up with a bent beak). Ironstone plates hanging on it couldn't be torn to shreds either. So I shopped the house and found three seasonally-appropriate plates that could accent the front porch. Currently, I'm using a subtle patriotic look.Now that I have a vision for the porch, I am keeping a look-out for other plates I could use here. I already have lots of Christmas plates and spring floral plates. I still need:
A patriotic flag or star plate
Autumn leaf designs or brown turkey designs
Perhaps Birthday designs
Easter designs
More reds, perhaps florals, for multiple uses

The red plate is from Pier One, this year.
The white plate is from TJ Maxx, this year.
The unfinished metal "Welcome" sign is from Pick Your Plum, this year.
The blue scenic plate is an antique, purchased years ago.

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NewKidontheBlogg said...

How disgusting to have birds destroy your door decorations!

We get frogs on our front door wreath! Then sometimes they jump in the house. We catch them with a towel and bring them back outside.

Your plates are very creative. I can just see you doing plate themes for the whole year. Hope no one steals them.