Friday, January 27, 2012

Decorations for Ladies Event

Last night the ladies event at church went really well. We decorated the tables in the gym with centerpieces of the white branches we made two weeks ago. Most of the branch bundles were anchored into a white ceramic vase using scoops of yard gravel. (The florist marbles we were planning to use turned out to be too lightweight to hold the branches upright. So when we found a bag of gravel in a storage room, we were quite excited.)

When we ran out of white ceramic vases, we filled in with clear glass ones. They had the nicer looking clear marbles to support the branches.
We stood each vase on a thick cross section of a log, and sprinkled sparkly faux snow on the cut side of the log. We also scattered tealights in clear glass jars around the tables. Each glass jar was half-full of faux snow.
Each centerpiece had a different clear glass decoration hanging from the branches: crystals, beads, filigree hearts, blown hearts, stars, and snowflakes.
It turned out beautifully, and we got lots of compliments on the decorations. We are so pleased that it didn't cost much: we bought only the Epsom salts, white glue, and faux snow, which was a deal at 75% off after Christmas.

Our thanks to Mr. David for cutting up his tree into thick log slabs for us. Do you think you could cut one or two for me too?

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