Monday, February 13, 2012

I Made My Own Pot Scrubber

The last of my stash of pot scrubbers fell apart last week and I really needed a new one. Before I worked in a shopping trip into my schedule, I hit upon another idea when I emptied a sack of potatoes: I had the needed materials for a pot scrubber!

Here is how I made it:

I cut the brown plastic-like mesh bag along the sides, cutting off the thick seam areas. I also cut off the thick area at the top. My sack had a label applied to the mesh, but bonded so tightly that I couldn't peel it off. So I cut that part out too.

Next, I cut the remaining areas of the sack into squares approximately 4"x6".
I stacked these squares into a pile (I had about 10 pieces), then I hand pleated the stack through the center and pinched it tightly.

Then, still pinching, I wound a thick thread around and around, very tightly, and then tied it off in a double knot. Don't use anything with wire in it because it could scratch your cookware.

Now it looked like a tissue paper flower. And, just like I was making a flower, I pulled each "petal" out from the center to fluff it all up.
It scrubs pots clean in a moments' work!

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big sis said...

That was always one of the "Hints from Heloise" favorite requests. And you "thunk it up" on your own. Way to go.