Monday, May 14, 2012

A New Room

As soon as David had most of his stuff moved to his new apartment, I got busy and started turning his old bedroom into a new studio/office.
Some of David's stuff still littering the floor

First off, I blew most of my garage sale earnings on some IKEA furniture:
A corner desktop, two straight desktops, and four Vika drawer units. I gave one drawer unit to The Professor. Wasn't that nice of me? We inherited another corner desktop from David, when he decided it wouldn't fit in his apartment.

 This side nearest the door is mine, and The Professor has the right side.

I've designated my three drawer towers as sewing (far right), desk and office supplies (middle), and crafts supplies (far left). I have three kneeholes available, although the center one under the window is jointly owned by both of us. Whoever needs it the most at that moment gets to use it.

After putting together the furniture (love my IKEA tool kit!), I got to the fun part ~ arranging all my sewing and art supplies in the cute little drawers. With a little purging, just a tiny bit, it all fit in the allotted drawers. I love the neatness and organization, and I love to open each drawer and look inside.

Now that the basic furniture is in place, I get to have fun adding accessories and decorative touches. Lots of fun to come!

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Marj Swierenga said...

Ha! I should have been more like Matthew and peeked in the drawers! Very fun. I know you'll have many wonderful hours of crafting in there.

Julie said...

Nice! Where are the drawer units from? I am about to combine my young daughters to create an office/playroom myself! :)

Multi Level Life said...

Very nice! Isn't IKEA great?!? I'm added this one to my home office pin board.

Maggie said...

That's fab and you shared! We're re-doing our home office space that houses the two of us and it's hard to give everyone equal billing. You did a great job!