Monday, November 5, 2012

Queen of Hearts

The old Queen of Hearts antique mall on Canton highway closed a few months ago, and they just renovated and moved into a new space on Sandy Plains Road. They opened to the public today, and I was there before 10:00 this morning. I snapped a few shots of their new interior - it is very nice, an improvement over their old location. Most of the vendors seem to be taking greater care in their arrangements, using updated ideas and more eye-catching vignettes. 

This bright yellow display is in the front window. It sure is eye-catching!

Also near the front, I spied this glassless arched window up on a high ledge. I didn't see a price on it, and it is up too high to reach. It would be so cute over a mantel. My mantel. 

A gorgeous shade of turquoise, painted on a little cabinet. Nice for a night stand, don't you think?

I love dried hydrangeas, and this booth was full of them. They have retained their color so well. Mine never look that vibrant once they are dry. The bundles were $10 each; I didn't check the prices on the wreaths.

Beautiful china teacups - only $12.50 each! It was sooo tempting...

The thin silver trees caught my eye in this booth. Not that I really need any. They are $12 each; not bad.

Vintage picnics! Love! Especially in a vignette of red. Isn't it charming?

This elegant dining set caught my eye too. Beautifully shaped chairs, and the china and crystal are lovely too. I could do without the plastic though, lol. I didn't check prices here.

Note to self: I could so make this. Just roll pages outward, and they stay right there. Use an old hardback book.

More chalk paint, I think. This little cabinet is in gray, and the decorative carvings add so much to the charm of it. I could see this next to a sofa or next to the bed. Priced at $105.

Vintage Paris. Of course I love it! (We lived there.) Paris in black and white is even better! The pillows look stenciled, which is simple to do.

For the blue and white fans in the family, a whole cabinet of it. Lots to choose from here. I saw a cup and saucer priced at $14 or $15.

Rustic and vintage in the garden. I liked how well the theme carried through this display.

I have seen trays like this on Pinterest - this one is very nice. Old rulers and yardsticks cut to fit the bottom of this basket. The tag said $10 - not bad.

One of my favorite pieces today was this painted desk and stool - green with hand-painted florals. Just beautiful! This one is priced at $249.

Love the paint on this table. Cream and light green, it looks like chalk paint, on an old farm table. It would certainly fit well in my house, but I do love my own dark-stained and white farm table. I didn't see a price tag on this table.

Back near the front is a whole booth of Annie Sloan chalk paint. This is the first time I have seen Annie Sloan for sale in person. I may just have to try some now that it's so convenient here.

So there is a brief glimpse of the new store. Stop in if you have a chance. I will definitely be back often, especially since I live so close (I could walk).

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