Friday, May 2, 2008

Estate Sale Linens

This morning I stopped by a couple of garage sales. One was especially worth the stop because it turned out to be an estate sale really. I bought a few linens 'n things there:A set of all-white cut work pillowcases (bottom left), a single embroidered pillowcase (center), a set of nine embroidered white napkins (upper left), and two handkerchiefs (right). I'm thinking the single pillowcase will become a girl's dress. The nine napkins may become baby bonnets. The two cut work pillowcases would be nice in our bedroom, but I may make girl's dresses out of them also. I collect handkerchiefs for my teacup collection, so I will keep those.

I also found a tiny plastic wind-up bunny figure, below. Isn't it cute? It looks vintage to me, although I don't know that it really is. I will add it to my vintage Easter decorations.In the afternoon I hitched a ride with David as he headed through our historic town square (filled with antique shops!) on his way to a gig. I didn't know how long I would have to shop before he came back through the square on his way home, so I had to browse fast. It turned out that the funeral went longer than anticipated and I had plenty of time. More time than I needed. And I bought nothing. A few things called to me, but I resisted because sticker shock hit me right in the face. Or wallet. I think I will stick with garage/estate sales and thrifts.

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