Monday, May 19, 2008

Using Up That Turkey

Back in November I bought an extra turkey to stash in the freezer for an unknown future use. The day came to use it: my birthday earlier this month. I decided I would really like turkey for my birthday celebration. And that turkey has turned out to be a very frugal purchase because it has lasted a long time. These are the meals I have made, so far, with it:
Roast turkey for birthday dinner
Leftover turkey, potatoes, and cranberry sauce
Turkey sandwiches for three or four days (I forget how many)
Sliced turkey and gravy over mashed potatoes
Turkey and tortilla casserole
Turkey and noodle casserole
Stir-fried turkey with vegetables and rice
Turkey and broccoli casserole
Turkey crepes
Remaining in freezer:
enough crepe filling for about 4 crepes
3 cups turkey broth
2 pkgs diced turkey, 2 cups each

1 comment:

Rick Kiley - said...

Sounds like the bird gave you its best!

If there's any left over after all that, my favorite turkey leftover recipe is turkey pot pie: turkey scraps + stock + lots of vegetables + a Bisquick crust. Mmmmmm!