Monday, September 8, 2008

Publix This Week

Publix has some good BOGO's this week, especially when I matched them with my coupons. Here is today's shopping, with the prices listed after the sales and coupons I used:3-lb bag onions, sale $1.99
4 1/2 lb peaches, sale $6.79
tomatoes on the vine, sale $1.47
fresh spinach, sale $1.99
2/3 lb fresh Brussels sprouts, sale $1.35 (Ick! But the Professor likes them)
3 dz Egglands Best eggs, sale and doubled coup, $1.30 dz
2 cartons cottage cheese, sale $1.67 ea
Crisco oil, sale $3.50
Publix olive oil, sale $4.29
Lawry's garlic salt, coup 79 cents
2 Old El Paso salsa, BOGO and coup, 70 cents ea
2 jars Earth's Best baby food for Nana's pantry, BOGO, 50 cents ea
2 cans ravioli, sale $1 ea (school lunches)
4 cans Campbells Chunky soups, sale and coups, $1 ea (school lunches)
Trueblue blueberry juice, sale $2.50 (I wish I had a coup!)
2 bags Azteca four tortillas, BOGO, 65 cents ea
2 bags True North almond clusters, store coup and mfr coup on each bag, $1.29 ea

FREE Items:

Publix fake oreos, Mystery Coupon item, 1 cent (That's FREE to me)
Sara Lee hot dog buns, coup for FREE item
2 cans Muir Glen tomato sauce, coups, earned 11 cents on ea
2 bags Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers veggies, 50% off and coups, earned 10 cents on ea
1/2 gal Mayfield milk, FREE! (Mayfield sent me 2 coups for free milk when a carton went sour after a few days)

For charity:

3 Tuna Helper BOGO and coup, 55 cents ea
2 Quaker oats, BOGO and coups, 20 cents ea

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la artista said...

I'm inspired to re-visit my spending and coupon-usage! Your site will give me the kickstart I need to become better informed about thrifty shopping. Thanks! Bonnie