Friday, September 5, 2008

Product Review: Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber

As a member of the frugal-minded club, I have always preferred cleaning products and tools that are basic, simple, and multi-purpose. I'm not happy about one-job cleaning tools or chemicals, such as special bathroom sprays. I prefer sprays for general use: bathroom, kitchen and all around the house. (I do understand the need, however, for a dedicated toilet cleaning brush.)

Not too long ago I noticed a revolution in cleaners and equipment. As the rest of our society was becoming more environmentally aware, cleaning supplies were becoming less environmentally aware. Suddenly the market exploded with disposable everything. Wipes for bathrooms. Wipes for kitchen stoves. Wipes for kitchen counters. Wipes for mirrors. Toss away dusters. Toss away toilet scrubbers. Toss away mop pads. And on and on. And, sadly, it all ends up in the landfill.

Then I fell off the wagon when I cut out a coupon for a free Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber Kit. I thought I would try it since it was free, even though I just knew it would be a piece of junk.

Surprise, surprise! I actually like it. I think it works much better than my usual bathtub cleaning technique: I used to spray or squirt a chemical around the tub or shower, let it sit a bit to work its magic, then scrub, scrub, scrub to loosen the dirt/soap scum/body oils cemented to the surface. I used a large scrub brush to begin, then I changed to a sponge to get the details and stubborn areas. When I needed to call in the big guns, I poured on a pile of gritty Comet and scrubbed hard until the surface was slick and shiny. I always needed a rest after that bit of vigorous housecleaning.

The Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber is made up of a soft foam handle piece (it feels like a pool noodle) with velcro stuff on the bottom. It sits in a plastic tray, which is the lid of a box containing a few disposable blue pads. The pads are impregnated with the chemical, and they have the opposite velcro surface on one side. You wiggle velcro side to velcro side to attach the pad to the handle and then scrub away. The unit slides across the tub surfaces, around the curves, and into crevices very easily. The chemical in the pads must be more potent than typical sprays, because it cleans the dirt/scum/oils away in a snap. Cleaning the tub and shower is no longer the dreaded chore it once was for me. I am really impressed.My one gripe is the disposable nature of the pads. I wonder, if I just spray my own cleaner on the tub and reuse the pads, will the unit be as effective? I haven't priced the replacement pads yet and I'm rather afraid to do so. Now that SC Johnson has me hooked, I suppose they can charge an arm and a leg for the replacements.

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Heather said...

I love it too! It's so easy to clean the tub - 3 swipes in one spot for me and it was clean and smooth. You can print 2.75 coupons for the starter kit and buy them at Walgreens - they will be 1.04 after the coupon this week. And I know how frustrating RRs are but you can get a $5 RR if you buy 4.