Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Every home has them. You know, those little odd spots, or problem areas, or design features that don't quite work. Would you like to see mine? Of course you would!The living room is the dining room...

...and the dining room is the living room. The furniture just fit better that way. So we have a chandelier in the living room. Oh well. No one hits their head on it because we have the coffee table directly under it.

My studio has no heat or a/c. It shouldn't be a problem because the room is so small, and it has a wide opening into the family room. But, it does get very warm in there in the summer, and too cool in the winter. I'm sure it's a simple fix but The Professor isn't exactly handy with fix-it projects.

Yep. A long rip. In the very center of the arm of the family room sofa. That's foam poking out. There's another nice long rip in the seat. Lovely, isn't it? I dream of someday replacing this sofa.

The recess on the back porch collects all the neighbors' leaves. And I, in turn, keep busy sweeping.
The stairs to nowhere. This was a miscalculation on the part of the wall installation company. They thought they would reach the crest of the hill, but the stairs just went deeper and deeper into the hill. So we now have our "high place", as The Professor calls it.

The broom closet has no floor. Where the wood floor ends, the bare concrete slab begins. Another "someday" project.

What is it with teens? They can't manage to keep their junk stuff treasures put away. Notice, as I did a moment ago, that the bedroom floor is being used as a storage spot for one of my forks! Tines up! Perhaps this is a new security measure!

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bigsis said...

I love the teen room picture! Most of them conquer the "putting away" problem once they're on their own, but if they don't you don't have to see it daily. Maybe that teen whose room is pictured needs to hear your story of getting organizes.