Friday, December 5, 2008

3 Sacks of Groceries: $1.76

It's hard to believe, but sometimes I have to work at spending money on groceries. I spent only $1.76 for all these groceries at Publix tonight. The muffin deal was ending tonight, so I wanted to make sure I used my last coupon. Now that our household has increased by three, I'll take all the help I can get on my groceries! Thank you, Publix and Smucker's!

Here is the breakdown:
10 boxes Martha White corn muffin mix, 2/99 cents, one 55 cent coupon, and Smucker's deal coupon of buy 10 items get $5 off order. (This was a money maker. 10 mixes came to $4.95, plus my 55 cent coupon, brought cost down to $4.40, minus the $5 off, means I made 60 cents on the muffins)
3 boxes Shedd's spread sticks, $1.39, 75 cent Publix coupon, 25 cent mfr coupon doubled, net cost 14 cents each
Idahoan mashed potatoes, BOGO 65 cents, 40 cent coupon doubled, net: I made 15 cents
No Yolk noodles, $1.87, 50 cent coupon doubled, net cost 87 cents
Nestle hot cocoa mix BOGO $1
The math: I owed 42 cents for Shedd's, 87 cents for noodles, $1 for hot cocoa, total: $2.29. Publix owed me 60 cents for the muffins, and 15 cents for the mashed potatoes, total: 75 cents. $2.29 minus 75 cents is $1.54 plus tax comes to $1.76.

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joyce said...

This is crazy!! We NEED to shop together!!!