Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Making Room

I really should be decorating for Christmas. But daughter, son-in-law, and grandson are moving in with us next week. We need to make room for them. So we:
1. Floored the attic for storage.
2. Are constantly working on cleaning out drawers, closets, and cupboards while we set aside all the riffraff for a future garage sale.
3. Turned the studio into the master bedroom (all 7'x8' of it!). Our closet consists of two shelf brackets to support about eight hangers each, just visible to the left in the photo. Our dresser is a stretch of open shelf just above the hangers. For a night stand we use a stack of plastic boxes filled with back stock of toiletries. We share the space with crafts and sewing supplies on the upper shelves.
4. Added most of the family room furniture to the living room.5. Turned the family room into the dining room. The cabinet on the left in the photo is going to the garage sale pile, and everything on top of it and on the dining table still needs to find homes.6. Turned the dining room into the computer room. Two more desks and computers will be arriving with the young family so this room will be very full. We moved our CD player/radio into this room, and discovered that all our CD's fit in the top drawer of the dresser on the far left. That's the type of organization I like! 7. Emptied the master bedroom and bath for the young family to use.
8. Continue to pack boxes for the attic with things we don't really need to use right now.


big sis said...

I've been telling all my friends and family about what you're doing. If things get any worse we all may be doing similar things. We all have lots to learn about what is truly essential. You're just leading the way.

NewKidontheBlogg said...

Very accommodating! You are so hospitable and creative! How fun to have a grandchild there also!

Since I have been there I can picture all of this. Good thinking in that where you and your husband sleep is at the opposite end of where the grandbaby sleeps and cries! So there is advantage to this cramped “master suite”!

Thanks for your gracious accommodation when we have been a guest at your home as well!