Monday, March 9, 2009

Garage Sale #2

Heather and I had another garage sale this past weekend (Sorry; no pictures! We were too busy). I didn't have all that much to sell this time around, other than three large pieces of furniture. Sadly, none of the three sold. But most of my other stuff did very well, and Heather's sales were fabulous.

Here are a few ideas we used that turned out well for us:
1. We priced all clothes at $1, except dresses, which were $3.

2. The Professor rigged up a great rod for hanging clothes. He installed heavy hooks in the garage ceiling, and one hook in each end of a wood closet pole. A 4-foot chain connects each hook to a rod end. During the sale, the rod holds hanging clothes at chest height. At the end of the sale we hook it out of the way close to the ceiling. Next sale, we will simply lower it and hang our next batch of clothes.

3. I dug up my excess iris bulbs, bagged them in paper bags, and sold them for $2 and $3 depending on the size of the bag. I had to repeatedly dig up more and more. All pure profit, since I have to divide them anyway. They are consistently a brisk seller.

4. We cleaned out our stashes of extra toiletries and sold them. Wow! They flew out of the garage! Most items we priced at $1; a few at 50 cents, and nice razors at $3. We made about $150 on toiletries alone. By the end of our sale we had perhaps 10 items left. Since all these were free by working the CVS and Walgreens deals, it was pure profit.

5. We neatly arranged everything by categories and spread it on tables. When we ran out of table space, we used the driveway and sidewalk. As space became available on tables, we moved things up to the tables. We did this because most people don't really like to bend over to poke through piles of junk on the ground.

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