Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fool!

It's our family tradition to celebrate well, even some of the minor holidays that most people sort of ignore. April 1st has always been a day for us to have fun. How did we celebrate this year? With no planning ahead, yesterday afternoon I came up with a plan to serve dinner in a memorable way. And I used just what was on hand; no purchases necessary!

As the family arrived home, everything looked normal with dinner preps under way and the table set. But wait. The dining table is set and a table on the patio is set? April Fool! I announced that we would be having a Progressive Dinner of multiple courses around the house and yard. We gathered first around the patio table, decorated with a beach theme. Then I brought out the first course of cupcakes and ice cream and announced we would really be having a Regressive Dinner: dessert to appetizer.
After dessert we retired to the garage, decorated for Christmas, for our main course of pot roast and vegetables.Next we all trouped to the dining room, decorated for Easter, for salad and homemade rolls. (I forgot to take a picture.)

And lastly, we gathered around the living room coffee table for crackers and camenbert cheese.By this time we were all quite stuffed.


Bigsis said...

Whoeee! Brings back memories. I think your approach was more civilized than the hamburgers for breakfast, though

joyce said...

How fun...what a grand idea!! Can I come live with you??!! :0

Julie said...

Sounds like fun!!!