Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Eat Your Fruits n' Veggies

We try to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables here. It seems to me that I can't keep the refrigerator stocked for an entire week, so out of curiosity I thought I would list what I bought and how much of each, then see how long it lasts us. So, one week ago today I bought:
4 lb Granny Smith apples
4 lb Gala apples
2 lb grapefruit (2 whole)
3 lb fresh pineapple (1 whole)
7 lb cantaloupes (2 whole)
3 lb strawberries
4 lb Bartlett pears
1/2 lb bananas
Total: 27.5 lb

1 lb avocados (2 whole)
1.5 lb tomatoes
1.5 lb bell peppers
4.5 lb romaine (6-head pkg)
10 lb frozen veggies
10 lb potatoes
Total: 28.5 lb

Already On Hand
4 lb carrots
2.5 lb onions
1/2 lb green cabbage
4 lb potatoes
4 lb frozen veggies
a handful of grape tomatoes
1 shriveled tangerine
Total: 15 lb

Grand total: 71 lb

Remaining after seven days
1 Granny Smith apple (less than 1/2 lb)
a few chunks of cantaloupe
5.5 lb potatoes
3 lb carrots
1/2 lb lettuce (part of a head)
9 lb frozen veggies
Total: 18.5 lb approx

Grand total consumed in a week:
52.5 lb
I had no idea we ate that much in a week!

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joyce said...

YIKES!! That's almost 9 lbs per person...not including Lukie!!!