Thursday, June 18, 2009

Trash Pickin'

I'm not usually bold enough to pick over other people's trash on trash day, especially during daylight hours, but today....

How could I resist?

As I was walking this morning I saw one of my neighbors had put this wicker settee out for the trash. It is dirty and the paint is worn, but nothing much is wrong with it. A little of the wicker on the back top edge is coming unwoven, but that's it. I ran home to call Greta out of bed to help me carry it home. After a scrubbing, a little paint, and some cushions it should look just fine.

What color do you think I should paint it? It is currently black and the previous dark green paint shows through in various places. My few pieces of existing patio furniture are a creamy white iron bistro set and a dark green cushioned lounge. I could go with the creamy white, or I could paint the bistro set and the settee black. Or bronze. Or I could paint only the settee dark green. But I'm not leaning toward that at the moment.


joyce said...

NICE!! Great find..don't ya just LOVE FREE!!?? I think I'd paint it cream, then you could change the cushion color to suit your whim...or place of placement or even season. How fun for you to have another project!! You go girl!

NewKidontheBlogg said...

Great find! Is it sturdy? Do you have a place to store it in the winter?

I heard once to always have three colors. We had the painters spray all wrought iron furniture black. Our house was painted a cream color with black shutters and white trim. The black furniture goes well and when it rusts a little, it won't show or I can spray with a small can when I notice.

Big sis said...

'Course dark green to match the settee would work and you could still have different colors/prints for the cushion. Were you thinking about a cushion?