Saturday, October 31, 2009

October Freebies

I like to keep a list of what I get free, or costing me just a few cents, every month. This is a great reminder to me of how God blesses our family in my efforts in being a true Home Economist. We were on vacation for 2 weeks, so my purchases were lighter, but here are my deals for the weeks I was home in October:

Publix Mystery Coupon Items:
loaf of white bread (turned into croutons)

Rolling CVS Extracare Bucks:

2 12-packs TP

Rolling Walgreen's Register Rewards:
4 lb honey
tub of wet wipes

Great Sale Prices Combined with Coupons Makes Free:
Canola oil
fresh pineapple
2 6-packs grape juice
3 lb cheddar cheese
2 boxes Swiss Miss
2 4-packs Activia yogurt

Free Deals:
4 lb bag oranges (Kroger's price guarantee)

Given to Me:

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