Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Category: Wedding!

Two weeks ago Miss Greta accepted Daniel's proposal of marriage. We are so excited! And we immediately jumped right into the planning and preparation for their May 22 wedding.

I realized I should start a new category for my blog, called "Wedding," so I can chronicle our preparations.

So, what have we accomplished in two weeks? Several major decisions are made: First off, she reserved her reception site of choice, a historic place she had visited in the fall. It's cute and old and white. It has nooks and big multi-paned windows and wood floors. It comes with plenty of tables and chairs and a full kitchen. It has a stage for the band. But I won't post a photo of it to keep it a surprise.

Surprisingly, next door to the reception site we discovered a cute little country church, the exact sort of church Greta dreamed of being married in. Our home church won't do for Greta; it is much too contemporary for her taste. The church was happy to host the ceremony, and the groom's Dad is a pastor, also happy to perform the ceremony.

She found her dress in just two sessions of looking and trying on. I can't post a photo because the shop doesn't allow customers to take photos. Instead, here is a snippet from the manufacturer's catalog:She has pulled many inspiration pages out of magazines. She chose her wedding colors (sage green and creams) and her main flowers (hydrangeas). She has looked at bridesmaid's dresses and MOB dresses. MOB (that's me) has tried on dozens of fancy gowns!

The happy couple completed their bridal registries. We surveyed and brainstormed food. She hired her photographer. They planned the dance music and musicians. We looked at invitations and wrote the preliminary wording. And there is lots more to come. Whew!


joyce said...

WOW! I am dizzy!!! Sounds as though you are right on schedule!! How exciting to be able to be a part of the fun via the blog!! Thanks, Adie!

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it