Saturday, January 2, 2010

New/Old Furniture

In the past week Greta has come into possession of several major pieces of furniture. The first piece: Daniel's parents found a very nice bed (headboard, footboard, frame) on the side of the road. A few days later Greta bought a nice sturdy, solid wood kitchen table at the thrift store. Displayed with it were two matching chairs, but only two. Greta said, "We only need two at first". And she's right. She bought all three pieces for $85.

A week later, back at the thrift store, she found an armchair with upholstered seat. The fabric is ugly, but replaceable. The chair is sturdy. It will go in their living room.
Somewhere along the line Greta bought a table lamp at an antique mall. She also has a cherry-look coffee table in storage in the attic.

We promised them our big green sofa in the family room. The fabric has innumerable rips in the seat and the arms, but it is sturdy and Daniel loves it. They can throw a sheet or something over it. If they can haul it off, they can have it!

We donated our garage to storing all this until they rent an apartment later in the spring. In total, including their own dressers and desks, they are well on their way to furnishing their first apartment.

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