Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Perhaps the Last of the Garage Sales

On a recent Friday morning Heather and I met up for one of our favorite activities: hitting a few garage sales! Using Heather's handy I-Phone app that finds garage sales in our area, we found a neighborhood sale that turned out to be really good.

The best thing I found all day was a set of silverplate flatware, in a case, for $25. The 12 place settings had not only knives, forks, and spoons, but iced drink spoons, soup spoons, and dessert forks too. It also included about five serving spoons, a ladle, a meat fork, a pie server, and several other pieces. It doesn't match the set I bought earlier this summer, but it blends with it remarkably well. So now I have 20 nice place settings that I can use together.
Another good find was a pretty gold and white china teacup for $1. And nothing is wrong with it.

I admired an antique thread cabinet in one garage, but didn't buy because I can't just drop $150 without planning ahead. A few blocks away, her neighbor was selling an antique thread cabinet too, but this one was smaller, only two drawers instead of four drawers. It was only $50 - more affordable, but the trim around the bottom was splitting apart and I wasn't confident in my ability to fix it. So I sadly passed on both of them.

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