Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Tablecloth That Goes Forever

Today at the thrift I found a very l-o-n-g tablecloth in a cheery yellow daisy print. It's a nice weight with a nubby feel and it looks new. Even the label looks like it's never been washed. I snagged it for $3.88.

The thing is, it's incredibly long: it measures 57"x135". That's over eleven feet long! I have never seen a tablecloth for sale that's this long. It will easily cover my longest table with both leaves in, with room to spare. Here, it is folded in half to cover my five foot table.

We'll have to have a party soon!

1 comment:

big sis said...

So bring it with you next time you visit and we'll test the length for you. LOL