Thursday, August 16, 2012

Newly Painted Bathroom Cabinet

We have had these U.G.L.Y two-tone oak and white laminate cabinets all over our home for 20 years now, and they have greatly overstayed their welcome. I would love to replace them, but the budget says no. So I decided to try priming and painting the single cabinet in the hall bathroom. (I have to post a "before" photo of the master bath cabinets because I was so enthusiastic to get started that I forgot to take a picture of the hall bathroom cabinets. They were identical, except for length.)

After two coats of primer, I wallpapered the doors and the end panel with beadboard paper.
 Notice the gap in the corner between the wall and both pieces of molding? I haven't solved that problem yet. That gap is from a wide strip of hideous plastic molding that had absolutely no use there. Yes, I said plastic. I don't understand why they used plastic when basic wood molding is so inexpensive. Maybe it was to give me fits 20 years later.

I still need to do the touch-up painting on the walls, and I may need to give one more coat of paint to the doors. Later on, I may do the whole kitchen now that I've had success with the bathroom. And there's the master bath cabinetry to update too. Sounds like I have many months' worth of work on my horizon!

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Marj Swierenga said...

Did not even know there was such a thing as beadboard wallpaper. Very neat idea.