Monday, September 3, 2012

Girly Pumpkins for Fall

Two friends joined me this past week to make fancy pumpkins to decorate the entrance table at church.

Since repainting the church interior a soft gray, our old seasonal decorations just don't look very nice, especially the bronzes and oranges we used to use for fall. We needed something that would stand out against the walls, and at the same time bring in the gray.

Off to Hob Lob we went. We chose several coordinating print fabrics, and then we tore those into fairly wide strips. By brushing Mod Podge directly on the pumpkins, and then burnishing down the fabric strips, we covered the surfaces quickly. A final slap of  Mod Podge all around, a little touch of acrylic paint on the bare stems, and there we are.

A little rosette trim on a couple of the pumpkins made from leftover scraps.

Nestled in light green burlap on the narthex table at church, with a leaf wreath made of book pages hanging on the mirror.


big sis said...

Did you use the foam pumpkins for crafting? I couldn't tell from the pix. They look great.

Marj Swierenga said...

They are fabulous--all the more so in their spot at church. The colors are marvelous!

Susan Herin said...

They look great! Love the patterns y'all chose!
Adie, this is off topic...did you say you knew a good tree guy? I'm getting estimates right now to get some trees down. If you do, would you email me the name/number? Thanks!

VanderbiltWife said...

Those are adorable! Even I could mod-podge fabric, I think ... I am not one iota crafty.