Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tile Tray

Just before I left for vacation I tried my hand at tiling for the first time. I remember years ago noticing that some Girl Scout troops got to do little tile projects, and I hoped my troop would do it too, but we never did.

This was an easy beginner's project. I've had the tray for some years; I painted it white soon after I bought it. At Home Depot, I found a sheet of glass tile, 12"x12". It was slightly too big to fit in the bottom of the tray, but I eyeballed the fit, and it looked like if I cut off one row of tiles in each direction, the rest of the sheet would fit perfectly. 

I bought the sheet of tiles and some grout, then I went home and googled what adhesive to use. In the end, I just used good ol' Elmer's. It made a good bond, and the sheet of tiles did fit perfectly after trimming. Spreading the grout was a no-brainer.

I've thought up many uses for this tray all over my house. You will probably see it in many future photos!

1 comment:

Susan Herin said...

Adie, I love this! I've never tried tiling/grouting either. Your tray turned out beautifully!