Friday, November 9, 2007

This Week in Bargains

I didn't buy much here this week because I'm finding my grocery bargains elsewhere now.
Krusteaz muffin mix, BOGO $1.15, .55 off coupon, total .60
8 oz Athenos feta block $2
5-lb Domino sugar $1.99, manfr .55/2 coup, total $1.71 ea
4-pk white tuna BOGO, ea can .74
Pillsbury cake mixes BOGO, .80 ea
(Wouldn't you know, the day after this sale was over, our throw-away paper had a coupon insert with $1/2 Pillsbury cake mixes. Those cake mixes could have been .30 each!)

First trip to CVS:
I had a coupon for $2.50 off $10 in CVS brand products. I bought:
body wash on sale $2.99
Sudafed look-alike $3.49
Acetamin. $4.79
$11.98, minus $2.50, minus $6.58 xbucks, OOP $2.32

Secret deodorant 3/$5 store sale
travel size Aleve $1.02, .75 off coupon, OOP .27

Second trip to CVS:
I tell the whole story on a separate blog entry on Nov. 6, entitled "These Women and Their Coupons"

Crest toothpaste, $1 store coup, $1 off coupon, OOP .79
Kleenex 200 ct, $1 box, bought 6 boxes
candy bars 3/$1, used a BOGO coupon, OOP on 6: $1.35
Sunsweet apricots 6 oz, on sale $1.99, $1 off coupon, OOP .99
Nature Made vitamin C: BOGO store sale, used one $1 off coup, OOP each $1.99
Purell foam sanitizer, on sale $3.49, store coup $2.50, manfr coup $1, FREE!

travel size Old Spice body wash, .97, $1 off coupon, net gain .03

Dial liquid soap, store sale $1, .30 coupon doubled, OOP .40

And to CVS again:
Ester-C, BOGO store sale, used 2 $1 off coups, OOP each bottle $2.99
Dawn dish detergent, sale .98, .50 off coup, OOP .48

I guess I should confess that I went dumpster diving this week too. I didn't actually dive inside, but I reached in and pulled out what was within arm's length. And it wasn't a true dumpster, as in smelly and germy; it was a newspaper recycling dumpster at a nearby church. We recycle our newspapers there, and it occurred to me that, when those dumpsters are getting to the point of needing to be emptied, plenty of coupon inserts might be within reach. Well, it wasn't quite full enough yet, but someone had carefully stacked their papers right next to the dump hole, and I found lots of inserts. Some were so old that the coupons were expired, but I found plenty to keep me clipping. That's what sent me back to CVS so many times.

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HRL said...

Oh, I am SO jealous!! Free coupons!? I wonder if there are any newspaper recycling places around here?