Tuesday, November 6, 2007

"These Women and Their Coupons"

I could just hear it, but I didn't. I think they waited until I left the store. I was in CVS just now, wanting to use my $3 off $15 coupon. I also wanted to maximize xbucks credits, manfr coupons, and sale prices, as well as not go much over $15. I checked prices up and down many aisles, and checked both the weekly flier and the November xbucks flier. I finally chose:
  • Dawn dish detergent, sale .98 and .25 coupon
  • Cold Reduce, $9.99, $2 xbucks and $1 coupon
  • Sudafed, $5.49, $5 coupon
  • 4 bags candy corn, .09 each
All that came to $17.64. First I handed the young clerk my CVS $3 off coupon, then I gave him my manfr coupons, then my $1 xbuck. After he deducted the $3 coupon,the register wouldn't accept the manfr coupons or xbuck. The clerk then told me I'd have to pay the total, and then he would give me cash back for the coupons. It turns out he hit the wrong key (the total key?) before he realized I had the manfr coupons. Oh, and by the way, I would have to pay with credit or debit he tells me. I said no way, I only use cash. At that point he called the manager.
The manager emitted deep sighs and mumblings under his breath that didn't sound all that polite, all accompanied by head shaking. He was frustrated. He was annoyed. The register didn't cooperate. He tried and tried to get it to deduct. He even refunded some of the items, then charged them back again. Still it wasn't coupon happy. Finally he just opened the register and gave me cash. As he handed me $10.50, I timidly told him he had already deducted the $3 from my bill so he was giving me too much. He said, "I know. Take it. You had to wait a long time." I told him I didn't expect him to do that, but thanked him. So my total OOP cash for $17.64 in merchandise was $4.14.

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