Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Clear the Clutter!

I'm joining Crystal over at Money Saving Mom for the Clear-Out-The-Clutter Challenge. Today's challenge is the living room and all the closet space associated with it. This is very timely because this family is having a garage sale in a few days, partly in preparation for The Bride's moving out in a month. She sure has quite the accumulation of clutter! But the rest of us are no slackers in collecting clutter too; most of us will be adding plenty of Stuff to the garage sale. We're supposed to keep it real by posting pictures. Here's my before of the front closet:
It's my after photo too, because I couldn't find anything in the closet to get rid of. I know, I know, it's not your typical front closet. We don't store coats and gloves there; we store tablecloths and shoes there. These are all my tablecloths for the times we feed crowds of people. They have been recently sorted and I use them all. Below the tablecloths is a drawer unit for the family shoes. Well, a few of the family shoes: the everyday, current season shoes. The rest of our shoes are in files in the garage.

Next is the entry. Notice the shoes (Where are those supposed to be?) and the potty chair. That particular item was on it's way to the garage sale until Heather realized it could go in Nana's car for potty emergencies. There are six tiny drawers in the sewing cabinet, and I found three little items to get rid of in them. Not much else is in this room.
Here is the living room with a lovely box of books, towels to be folded, and a stack of sweaters on their way to the garage. Not shown are two skirts and two pants from the laundry area. Then there's the big green ripped sofa. The Bride and Groom want that for their new apartment next month, so it stays for now. There are several clutter-catchers in this room. Sadly, most of the clutter isn't mine to sell or toss. I see an overabundance of video games, CD's, cords, remotes, papers in the file cabinet, and magazines. Nevertheless, I did a fast pass through them and found several items I could sneak out.
This is the worst clutter in the living room. I would love for this drawer to contain almost nothing, but none of this crud belongs to me so I can't make it disappear.
That makes 13 items for the garage sale on Saturday.


Ellen said...

Sometimes it's nice not to have too much decluttering to do...not that I can relate *sigh*. I joined too - come & see.

I'm glad you said tablecloths for the front closet - I was wondering what all that white stuff was.

joyce said...

Now, now...one woman's crud is another man's favorite pastime!! Your place always looks good...what else can you find to dump? This is a fun game!....YOU WIN!!!