Friday, April 9, 2010

Garage Sale Day 1

After clearing out all the clutter from our house, the girls and I held a garage sale today. It was a beautifully clear, but cool, day today, a great day for garage sales. We filled the garage:

I forgot to take pictures right as we opened this morning, so a lot of stuff was already sold when I remembered to snap a few mid-afternoon. Notice all the bare spots on the green table in the foreground. Those electronics flew out the door. Our best seller, though, was the toiletries. People were fighting over them. One man told me he kept watching for my garage sale signs because he had come last year, and now he was running low on razors. He bought all the razors we had today.
Greta's artwork wall. There is another table too, of large sculptures.

I wish that oak cabinet would sell!

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joyce said...

Ceramic Lady & Our daughter look like they are carrying on a conversation!!