Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 2 of Clear the Clutter

Today was clear the clutter from the kitchen and pantry over at Crystal's blog. I may not have had much clutter in the living room yesterday, but I sure found a lot in the kitchen today! I went through every drawer and cupboard and here is what I found:That's 34 more items for my garage sale beginning tomorrow. And, of course, tidier cabinets. The Tupperware cabinet was the worst: lids with no containers, containers with no lids, and several "whatever is this thing" items. Notice, too, our abundance of mugs, yet we aren't coffee drinkers. I kept my 9 favorites (for tea) and they fit on the shelf well now.

Next is a before shot of one counter. Things have gotten out of hand here with Easter last Sunday and a wedding in a few weeks. Time to clean up and put away!

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