Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wedding Decorations

Decorating the church on Friday:Hydrangea wreaths on the front doors.

The program fronts on cream parchment, designed by Greta.

Greta repurposed an old book into her guest book. She sewed new pages into the old cover and then she painted tiny watercolor paintings in each corner.

The guestbook table, with programs, guestbook, and ink well with feather pen in place.

A photo walk down memory lane, strung on twine.

Props for the photo booth.

Sheer green fabric swagged across the windows with little hydrangea nosegays at each corner. We decorated 11 windows. I bought two dozen chair sashes to use as wide ribbon. We used it everywhere.

A floral detail on the food table. This is another way we used a chair sash.

Round tables on the deck with floor length white cloths topped with shorter sheer green toppers. Potted hydrangeas in the center wrapped in white paper and tied with more of the wide green chair sashes. In the distant background you can see the windows of our original reception location: the historic schoolhouse that turned out to have extensive termite damage.

The indoor tables had centerpieces of stacked books and a vase of hydrangeas. They also had the same floor length white tablecloths and sheer green toppers.

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