Saturday, June 12, 2010

Garage Sale Finds

I didn't get a chance to post last week's garage sale finds, so I'm posting two weeks in one.

A week ago Friday Heather and I hit a number of sales on our way north to make a delivery. We were in very rural areas and we were surprised at how many garage sales we found. I found this wall pocket (it was silver; I'm painting it black) for my back porch, $2. At the same sale I also bought a scrolly black curtain rod and tie-backs for the bedroom redo, $4 each.

At an estate sale I bought this blue chair for the front porch, $5. I already disinfected it and I plan to paint it black, but it needs some heavy sanding done to it first.
I also found this wood pedestal bowl, $1. It was filthy dirty and I plan to prime it and paint it too.
One annoying thing happened last week while we were shopping. At one sale we walked down the driveway and saw another customer browsing. I spied a cake dome priced at $5, something I have been wanting/needing. I whipped out my handy purse measuring tape to check it's diameter. Just then it looked like there might be an emergency by my car, so I started to run up the driveway. I realized I couldn't carry the owner's goods with me, so I quickly set down the dome. Then the owner assured me that everything was fine, I didn't need to go to my car. I turned back to the cake dome, and it was gone. What happened? I looked around, and there was that other customer, browsing the table right where she had been, except she had the cake dome in her hand. I couldn't believe it! She had to have dashed over behind my back and grabbed it in the two moments that I was worried about my car. And then she had the gall to offer $2.50 for it and the owner accepted her offer. It really burned me up.

Today we went out again, even though it was extremely hot. We didn't think there would be many sales because who wants to sit in the garage when it's over 90 degrees? But we found plenty of sales to keep us busy all morning. Here's my haul:
two white cotton tablecloths, NIP, $1 eachone linen/cotton blend tablecloth (spread on table), $1

4 vintage hankies, $1 all

4 tiny scrolly iron chairs, $1 for all

A set of blocks for one of the little guys, $3

And - can you believe it? -a clear glass cake pedestal and dome, $1 for the two pieces.Ha! I did better than that rude customer last week. I got the cake dome plus a pedestal for only one dollar.


Sherrie said...

Good for you. I have no patience with rude people at lawn sales whether I am at a sale, or the one doing a sale. One still uses their manners. I do love your goodies, bust just absolutely love the little chairs. I would have bought them.

Debbie said...

I love your finds...the chairs are great. I have a garage salen party that starts every Friday and runs til Monday night if you are parties generate a lot of lookers, and great new friends. Hope to see you. Debbiedoos