Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We Need a Light!

We had one of those sets of pull-down stairs installed in our attic access years ago. I love that we can climb in the attic so easily. But it sure is dark up there! We never had a light fixture installed. How silly.

We have practically the contents of an entire house stored in the attic, but we can't see a thing. So we stuck an old lamp on the floor up there, and the cord dangles down the stairs. A very bad plan. That lamp falls over very easily and the bulb breaks often. To turn it on, we grab the extension cord permanently plugged in to the power downstairs and connect it to the lamp cord upstairs. When it's time to fold the stairs up, we unplug and toss the cord into the black hole. Really, how silly!

Maybe I should call an electrician tomorrow.

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