Monday, June 21, 2010

Garage Sale Finds

Heather and I went garage saling again on Friday; she found lots of stuff while I found very little. But that's ok because I found some really great things earlier this spring.First I found a third glass cake plate very similar to two I already have. This one was $1. I love the three little feet on the bottom of this style of plate. I looked online and discovered that my other two plates are circa 1930, while this one is circa 1970. It is slightly lighter in weight.

More nice wood blocks for Patrick's birthday; this set was also $3. These look really fun because there are castle pieces. (There are many, many more blocks in this set; I just didn't feel like spreading them all out. This is a good representative sample of what came in the set.)

A partial box of Preen isn't very exciting, but it was FREE! I couldn't go wrong for that price.

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