Friday, March 16, 2012

Garage Sale Season Begins

Today was the first real day of garage sales again, after the winter break. Technically, we see a few scattered sales all year round, but from week to week there aren't enough during the cold season to make a special trip out.

Today was great!

Shown above, I bought:
30 wooden suit hangers for the church costume closet: $1

For David:
8 place settings pottery dishes (one dinner plate missing): $6
Baking pan: $1
Roasting pan: $1
3 kitchen gadgets: $1

For myself:
Hot tray: $1
2 boxes vintage game pieces (original Monopoly metal game pieces and wood houses): $1
Antique bonnet: $1

The final item I bought, but haven't photographed or picked up yet (I need help), is a chest freezer for Heather and Jared. It was $25.

I'm very pleased that I did so well on the first day of the season.

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