Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pinterest Craft Day

I hosted my first-ever Pinterest Craft Day this afternoon.

The idea for this came from my friend Kathy, who wondered when we could get together to do some of these crafts that so many of us pin on our Pinterest boards, but never get around do actually doing. I thought getting together was an excellent idea - so I chose a date and time and sent out invites to friends who might be interested. Greta chose this simple craft for our first meeting, and I wrote up a supplies list.

Four of us met this afternoon to create our 3D paper cuts. Kathy and I chose to do apples, Heather did pears, and Greta did Easter eggs! I think they all turned out very nice.

It may be hard to see in the photos, but each piece of fruit (or egg) is 3-dimensional. Each is made up of two identical paper shapes stacked together, then folded and stitched down the center. The top layer is then fanned outward to create dimension. The stem/leaf part is painted on. Heather and Greta weren't able to add the details because they were late in starting: Greta worked late and Heather had to take a little one to the doctor for ears.


joyce said...

Hey! What happened to my invitation!!??? Have Heather text me the next time y'all get together!!

Marj said...

Very fun. I like the shades of green.