Friday, April 27, 2012

Not-So-Great Garage Sales Today

I drove and drove the major streets today, looking for garage sale signs. The few I saw ended up being for Saturday sales; I hate it when sellers put their signs out the day before! 

Why no signs on such a beautiful, spring day?

Finally I saw a sign for a real sale, and it turned out to be a neighborhood sale. This was more like it. But I was sad to see that most sellers were way overpriced. That is, until I found one lady, up a very steep driveway, with wonderful things spread across her tables: vintage sewing and needlework supplies priced deep in the basement. My kind of sale!

The 1949 Singer Sewing Book ($4) has lovely, vintage drawings in it. The 1974 Nostalgia Crafts Book ($1) also has great drawings - reproduced from early 20th century publications. The booklet is something I read about years ago and have been looking for ever since: instructions for 100 embroidery stitches. The original price was 29c; I paid $1 for it today. 

The hankies (50c) have sweet little girls on them. 

The spoons ($1 each) are silverplate. I bought them for two little boys who fight over the one iced tea spoon at home; they call this type of spoon a "long spoon", and they think it's for eating ordinary food.

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NewKidontheBlogg said...

Still treasures you found. On my way home from 7 am Weight Watchers this morning I spent $2 on a basket and two children's books.

Yesterday I made a big pile of clothes to give away.

Love you Pinterest projects. Not sure how to do Pinterest, but have an account there. Can you e-mail me how to use Pinterest? Thanks.

Courtney said...

Great finds! Those are very cute little hankies.

Heather said...

I love the hankie!!!