Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pinterest Craft Day 4

Fun on the patio today as we hammered away at metal items. We wrote messages on spoons and forks, washers and medallions, using a metal stamping kit.
 Our practice run: some were more successful than others! We found that if we used the sledge hammer on a hard surface and hit about five times for each letter, we got the best impression. Our best hard surface was the concrete patio.

 Eventually we made plant stakes from old silverware: sage, radish, oregano, and thyme on the forks, and basil, lavender, and strawberries on the spoons.
We flattened the spoons and forks by pounding hard on one side and then the other until they flattened out nicely.

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Marj Swierenga said...

Love this idea! I had seen it somewhere...and now I know who to ask for details if I ever get ready to do it! Having plant signs that don't fall apart is a great thing.