Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Little $ At Kroger

I keep finding my best deals at Kroger, but I consider Publix my favorite store. Hmmm, I wonder why?I had a great shopping trip today. Firstly, I dropped off a prescription to be transfered from Walmart. I had a coupon for a free $30 gift card on a transfered rx, issued by Rite Aid. Kroger accepts competitor's coupons (at least pharmacy coupons; I don't know about other coupons). I also had a $5 off $60 coupon from the Entertainment Book. It wasn't too difficult to come up with $60 in groceries.

Here's my list:

seedless watermelon, sale $5.99
4 lb peaches, sale 89 cents lb, total $3.73
2 pkgs Land O Frost sliced meats, sale $2.99, 50 coup on each, doubled, net $1.99 ea
pork chops, sale $1.99 lb, total $8.26
3 lb bag turkey burgers, $6.99
Ball Park franks, BOGO, coupon $1/2, net $1.29 ea
Hormel bacon, BOGO, $2.74
Honeysuckle turkey chub, clearance $2.42
froz scallops, sale $3.99
fresh shrimp, clearance $1.85
6 pkg Kroger shredded cheese, sale $1.50 ea
3 cans fruit, sale $1 ea, coupon 1 free if purchase 2, net $2
5 lb flour, $1.97
hot dog buns, sale $1
2 loaves wheat bread, clearance 79 cents ea
Sara Lee bread, coupon for free loaf
sweet Italian bread twin pack, clearance 49 cents
After taking off the coupons above, the $5/$60, and the $30 gift card, my total for all these groceries was $24.82.


Julie said...

Hey, AD, we'll be at Altamont all weekend for the bagpipe competition. Colin's band, Scotia-Glenville will be competing in Grade 3. If you want my contact info, just email me.

Marj said...


You did so well! I'm facing a new challenge with my grocery shopping as our family has committed any "unspent" grocery money to our trip to the NL (we hope to be able to go in 18 months). So...now I'm feeling more strongly about the need to watch my totals...