Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Making Stuff

Last week I found several pieces of fabric on Hancock's 60% off table. Here is one piece I made into a skirt:It's a small pink/yellow daisy print on a black ground from McCall's 5390. It's hard to see the design features on my skirt; the pattern picture shows better. There is a series of pleats across the front and back, which I had to redesign to fit me better. I turned 8 narrow pleats into 4 deeper pleats, and I nipped in the waist quite a bit. It's still too big in the waist, but I fix that by pulling it down lower on my hips.

I also cut into another piece of fabric I bought at 60% off. I began to make a sundress, using a pattern I made last summer. After it was all cut out, I realized I had cut the front pieces using the dress pattern, but the back pieces were cut from the tunic pattern! That was a huge oops. And Hancock had already sold out on the fabric, so there was no buying more to correct my mistake.

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