Wednesday, February 25, 2009

CVS 90% Off

I hit the perfect hour (or maybe 30 minutes) at CVS this morning. The Valentine aisle was marked down to 90% off. The place was crawling with a group of ladies, friends it seemed, piling their arms full of heart-shaped boxes, big and small. I picked up a few with plans to empty the candy from the boxes and bring it out on Easter. Much better than marshmallowy peeps!

I spent 49 cents each for the largest boxes, 39 cents for the toile box, and 9 cents each for the rose boxes. That's 23 oz of candy for $1.55. And Easter is finished.

1 comment:

bigsis said...

Just goes to show you that timing is everything. Every once in a while you do it "just right" and today was definitely your day.